Are you a fan of old homes? YES to the charm and NO to the upkeep and inconveniences, right?

THIS OLD HOUSE is one of our favorite publications, and they recently surveyed readers to ask, “Which old house trends would you like to bring back.”

Buying a Parkwood homes lets you choose both the charm of old houses AND the functional design and energy efficiency of a new home. And you even get to sit down with our designer and truly customize the plan to fit the way your family lives.

Here are the Top 9 favorite features of old homes, according to This Old House fans. Can you get them into a Parkwood?

  • Walk-in or Butler’s Pantries: Oh yes. Families love our spacious pantries and their ability to customize them.
Photo: Alan Shortall/Cornerhouse Stock

Photo: Alan Shortall/Cornerhouse Stock

  • Double Pocket Doors: Definitely. Lots of buyers have opted for double pocket-door entries into custom office spaces. Barn doors are very popular, too.
  • Wraparound Porches: Ditto. And Parkwood builds functional, 8′ deep porches, not 6′ concrete slab afterthoughts. Plus, beadboard celings painted either white or authentic, southern haint blue.
  • Picket Fences: Umm, they’re pretty much synonymous with Parkwood Homes.
  • Summer Kitchens: Well, some of us younger folks might have needed to look this up, but summer kitchens are separate outbuildings, which were useful when cooking required woodturning stoves. So no, we don’t do summer kitchens. But you’re free to do just about anything else your heart desires as you customize your kitchen.
  • Fold-Down Ironing Board:Ugh. Ironing boards bring up much less fun visuals than the rest of the items on this list. But yes, through our partnership with The Closet Factory, you can choose a fold-down ironing board if you’d like, along with all sorts of other fun features and gadgets for your dreamy master closet.
Photo: Mark Lohman

Photo: Mark Lohman

  • Rose Bushes: Certainly. Along with the true customization you can do inside your house, Parkwood buyers can meet with a landscape architect and decide what they want to plant outside. Parkwood even throws in a free 4′x4′ raised bed vegetable garden with irrigation. Our friends at The Urban Farm Company of Colorado will build it, bring in their special blend of soil, help you plant it, and work with you to develop a green thumb.
  • Root Cellars:At this point, no. We can’t say that we’ve has demand for storing root vegetables underground. But if we did, we’d certainly think about it. We did do a greenhouse for a family last year.
Photo: GeoStock/Getty Images

Photo: GeoStock/Getty Images

  • Built-Ins: Another Parkwood trademark. Parkwood families have done all kinds of cool things with mudrooms, bookshelves, window seats, and more. Built-Ins really add character that lasts.

Where else do you have the ability to custom-tailor a new home that can check off all of these items on your wish list, without spending $2 million on a custom home?

Start working on your “Dream Home” Pinterest or Houzz board, and come visit us soon so we can get started building that dream home together.

To see the post from This Old House follow this link.

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