Trent and Emily and their three boys recently moved into their new Parkwood home in Stapleton.  Like many Parkwood buyers in Stapleton, they were coming from a smaller, charming home in one of Denver’s great old neighborhoods.  As the boys grew, so did their list of things they wished their home could provide.  

We asked Trent and Emily to tell us more about their decision to move to Stapleton and buy a Parkwood, and they were nice enough to let us photograph their beautiful home, too.


Q: Tell us about your last home and neighborhood and why you chose to move to Stapleton and into a Parkwood.

A: Before moving to Stapleton in 2014, we spent four years in a 2200 square foot, 1927-built, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom Tudor in Park Hill.  It was loaded with charm, but with three rapidly-growing little boys, it didn't take long for us to realize that it wasn't going to meet our family's long-term needs.

We even went so far as to have plans drawn up to dig out the crawlspace to create a couple more bedrooms and some additional living space, but in the end we opted to sell the house and build a Parkwood Home, where we could create exactly what our family needed and also enjoy all that Stapleton has to offer (great schools, swimming pools, and loads of neighbor kids).

Once the decision had been made to build in Stapleton, it didn't take long for us to select Parkwood Homes as our builder.  We really wanted a home that, although would have a more open floorplan, would also have a "cozy" and intimate feel.  After walking through the model homes, we were thrilled to select the Chesapeake floor plan.  It felt open and spacious, but not overwhelming.

Q: What specific things were you looking for in a new home?

A: After dealing with the daily frustrations that go along with living in an older home, we knew exactly what we were looking for in our new home.  Top priorities for us included an open kitchen/living space, an attached garage, a master bathroom, kids' bedrooms all on the same level as ours, a large backyard, and a mudroom to keep all the shoes, coats, backpacks, soccer balls, and kid paraphernalia in one place.  We also loved the covered front porch and back deck, considering those to be an extension of our usable living space.  We were also very excited about taking advantage of our south-facing back roof, and have really enjoyed the solar panels we purchased through Namaste Solar.


Q: How did you feel about Parkwood’s customization process, and what are some of the things you did to customize your home?

A: It was really fun to be able to take base model of the Chesapeake and add/take away things to make it our own.  The architect was easy to work with and quick to respond with our changes, which made the process so exciting.  Parkwood encouraged us to "use our imaginations," and that we did!  Home design and planning became all-consuming, but we couldn't be happier with the outcome.   Although we were building in a planned community, we felt that we were really able to take what Parkwood had to offer and build upon that to create the perfect home for our family.

We added a beautiful coffered ceiling to the kitchen/family room/breakfast nook areas, and absolutely love the end result.  It adds just a touch of customization and visual interest that makes the house feel really unique and special.   We also worked with Parkwood and CoCal Landscaping to install a 30' x 40' concrete basketball court in our backyard, and feel we have already gotten our money's worth after just 18 months of use.  Our kids (and the neighbor kids) enjoy using the court for not only basketball, but tennis, scooters, bikes, four square...the opportunities are endless, and it has been one of our favorite things about our home!


Q: What was your favorite part of the process, and what are your favorite things about your new home?

A: Our favorite part of the process was definitely watching all of the ideas, thoughts and Pinterest boards translate into reality.  We were really invested in making sure everything was just right, and frequently checked on the progress of the construction in the weeks and months leading up to completion.  Our first night in our new home is something we will never forget - we were so grateful and thrilled to finally be IN!

Our favorite things about our home are aligned exactly with WHY we decided to move in the first place:  the open kitchen/living space, the attached garage, the master bathroom and the large backyard.  There is very little that we would change if we were to go through this process again.  It is truly the PERFECT house for our family.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share or comment on?

A: We are just so happy with our home, and truly couldn't love it more.  The home-building process can be a long and frustrating one, but Parkwood really did their best to make it as enjoyable as possible.  With thoughtful design and planning, every square inch of the house is functional and purposeful.  

Whenever we return from being out of town, it is such a joy to walk in the door of our home. Parkwood did a wonderful job, and we are so happy with the end result. This has been such a positive change for our family in so many ways. Thank you, Parkwood!