By Simon Liu

Parkwood Team at Blitz Build 2018

Parkwood Team at Blitz Build 2018

Last summer, our team had the wonderful opportunity to build an accessibility ramp for a Denver family as part of the Home Builders Foundation’s (HBF) annual Blitz Build event. Even though it was our first time participating, we were grateful for the chance to give back to the community and eager to help again in the future.

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to help another local Aurora family in need. Marlon is a young man who was recently paralyzed and now uses a wheelchair. He hopes to pursue a career in the auto industry and is hopeful that this ramp, along with a bathroom remodel that’s being done by other local builders and the HBF, will enable him to accomplish that goal.

With wood and paint provided by the HBF and guided by the expertise of our construction managers, 20 volunteers from the Parkwood team helped paint and build a wheelchair ramp that will restore some freedom and accessibility to Marlon. Salespeople, marketing folks, and office managers got to join our more handy construction colleagues in measuring boards, sawing, nailing, and painting the 40-foot wheelchair ramp.

This was a great chance for us to do some good and have some fun together doing it.
— Logan Wilcox, VP at Parkwood Homes

The HBF of Denver organizes projects for disabled individuals and families with accessibility needs throughout the year by partnering with local home builders and volunteer contractors. Thanks to their fundraising efforts, all of their projects are completed at no cost to the recipient families. Like us, other builders and suppliers donate time and materials so that every $1 donated to the foundation yields a retail value of $7.50. To find out more, visit their website.

As always, a big thank you to both the HBF for organizing this event and to the family for trusting us with this project!