As you pull off Urbana Pike onto Templeton Drive and look up at the Worthington Square collection of townhomes, it is impossible to miss the gorgeous, dark-blue townhome right next to Parkwood’s model. Nick and Kim moved into the Villages of Urbana in the autumn of 2017. As first-time homebuyers, they weren’t positive what they were looking for, but they never looked back after visiting Parkwood. We sat down with them to talk about their search for a new home and the homebuilding process and loved to hear what they had to say.

What was the reason you decided to move?

Well my husband was active duty for a while and we were down in Louisiana. We ended up coming back to Maryland, found jobs in Montgomery County, stayed in an apartment for a while and decided we just didn’t like the area very much. I'm from Hagerstown but Frederick is just where we knew we wanted to be. So we actually went around Frederick looked at a whole bunch of houses and town houses and actually stumbled across Parkwood, to be honest, and fell in love when we went into the model. That was it. We signed papers a couple weeks later.”

What made you choose Parkwood?

We wanted to be close to 270 so we can go back-and-forth to work, but also, just in the house, the open floor plan, being able to entertain guests and be in the kitchen and cook. Both of our families kind of revolve around group gatherings. Being with the family and cooking together. Being able to socialize was a big thing for both of us. This is our first house. We’ve never owned a house before. So he knew he wanted some type of man cave area, but the open floor plan is really all I wanted.

What in particular about the Villages of Urbana drew you? 

It just feels like it's a community. Like a real community. You see people walking their dogs, you see people playing with their kids, there's parks, there's life here. You know, where we have lived there's nothing like that. Even in the military community we didn’t see as much community as there is here. It gives us that close feel where we can walk anywhere. It’s all within that close-knit community, where you don't have to drive.“

What can you tell us about your build process?

“It was so easy. We had no idea what we were doing. No clue, but we were walked through every single step. Every meeting was put around our schedule. “Meet with us when you can. We’re gonna talk about this.” Emails always answered. And it was just two people that you talked to. I was fully expecting to have a multitude of different people, and it was going to be a mess, but Costel [Parkwood’s construction manager] made it so easy. We know people that have worked with all these other builders, and we have not had any of the problems other people have. So the quality of Parkwood is very obvious, and we’ve told Costel this over and over again, but it just makes it that much easier.”