You get to build your home, the way you want it at Parkwood Homes.  We’ve been building dream homes for families for 25 years, and have decided that both we and our customers are happiest and most satisfied when we let you chart the course.

We’re pretty particular about keeping our exterior elevations true to their architectural roots and so don’t allow changes there.  On the inside of the house, though, we start with our base floor plans but hope and expect that you’ll customize.  In fact, in several cases, we like some of your ideas better than aspects of our original plan and incorporate the best changes into our standard floor plan.

And we’re not just talking about selecting cabinet colors or light fixtures.  Buying a Parkwood Home gives you the opportunity to move windows, walls, and rooms in ways that only million-dollar custom home buyers usually get to do.  Two recent families who bought the Chestertown house had very different visions for their dream home.  Now that they’re complete, a visitor walking into the two distinctly unique homes would have no idea that they started with the same plan.

Each Parkwood single family home buyer gets a chance to sit down with our home designer and go through the floorplan.  As the family describes how they live and what they want, the floorplan evolves to a perfect fit.  Like getting a tailored suit, customizing your home may take a little longer and sometimes costs a little more, but the end result is one-of-a-kind.  A home designed to fit the way your family lives.  A home that we can all be proud of.