Will you still love your home in 100 years?  Parkwood’s exterior architecture is driven by a commitment to timeless principles of architectural beauty.  We believe that certain shapes, proportions, and symmetry are inherently pleasing to the eye.  We strive to design and build homes that are historically authentic on the outside while providing innovative spaces and features on the inside.  Many of our homes would fit seamlessly on a historic street in Georgetown or Charleston, but a walk inside reveals 10-foot ceilings, livable open floorplans, smart thermostats, and high performance chef's kitchens. 

The Parkwood Homes team takes frequent trips to historic cities and towns across America and the world, studying great buildings that inspire and refine our architecture.  We’ve counted our paces to determine building setbacks in London, studied grid patterns and relative heights of windows on second and third floors of 19th century Georgetown row homes, and investigated the origins and purposes behind haint blue porch ceilings in Charleston.  Our architect studied the Vitruvian virtues in Rome and 19th century brownstones up and down the east coast.  But we also invest time analyzing the relative “R-values” of different framing, sheathing, and insulation configurations to minimize heat flux and build a more comfortable home that reduces energy costs.  We strive to give families the best of both worlds—timeless beauty and innovative excellence.