The Saybrook

3 - 6 Bedrooms      4 - 6 Bathrooms       2,600+ Square Feet

The Saybrook is our answer to customers who want to combine modern, open floor flexibility with old school charm. Past the staircase and gracious foyer, the large plan offers near countless possibilities that can be tailor-made to suit your needs, including a large kitchen island that comes standard and an option to extend the living space outside. On the second floor, three and four bedroom plans are available, along with an option to finish the loft. 




Some features shown may be optional. Although all illustrations and specifications are believed correct at time of publication, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The right is reserved to make changes without notice or obligation. All dimensions are estimates. Windows, doors, and porches vary per house exterior.


Exterior Elevations

The Saybrook Brewster

Architect's Notes

Attention is drawn to the entry by the projecting bay with bracketed gable, a gesture of Victorian homes, which are known for breaking the flat facade mold. All the various stylistic elements were simplified as they migrated from city to country and from architect to builder, resulting in the Farmhouse of the early 20th century. The Saybrook Brewster's open floorplan is enhanced by lots of natural light, especially in the over-sized front dining room. 

The Saybrook Farmhouse

Architect's Notes

The Saybrook Farmhouse reflects a subset of the Arts and Crafts style as seen in the oldest towns in Colorado. Instead of the typical low-sloped roof, areas that receive a great deal of snow modified the style to have a steeper-sloped roof to shed the snow more effectively. The roof and porch rafter tails are simple profiles, as would be expected in frontier towns. The two-over-two windows paired together is a typical detail seen in Arts and Crafts homes, as are the porch piers with foreshortened wood columns. 

The Saybrook Italianate

Architect's Notes

Reminiscent of homes found in old Colorado mining towns, this Saybrook draws influence from Italianate architecture, introduced in the mid-19th century as an alternative to the Gothic and Classical Revival styles. With a distinctive turret that hearkens to the Italian belvedere and characteristic eaves supported by corbels, the Saybrook Italianate will be a truly iconic home in Sterling Ranch.