We are a small, family-owned company.  Most of our employees have been with us for many years and are seasoned and experienced in homebuilding.  We limit the number of homes we build each year and take great pride in the solid craftsmanship and quality our homes provide.  Although Parkwood is a small company, we have enjoyed very positive recognition for our innovative and high quality homes.  At Parkwood, our loyalties are to our customers and our employees, not Wall Street analysts and stockholders.  Many of our purchasers are repeat buyers, and currently 3 out of 4 Parkwood buyers are coming to us directly because of our reputation.

We understand what a beautiful, well-designed, high-performance home can mean to a family.  It’s the safety and security you feel during a storm.  The joy that comes from hosting friends and family in the one-of-a-kind open first floor plan you designed just for your family.  The cherished memories you build when you read your kids their bedtime stories or enjoy family time around the fireplace.  It’s a great honor to help families build their dream homes, and a responsibility we take great pride in fulfilling.