Artist’s Conceptual Rendering

Artist’s Conceptual Rendering

Parkwood's commercial townhomes combine cutting edge real estate trends and the best of past practice and tradition.  They are individually owned townhome units combining retail, office and residential uses in a vibrant commercial setting.

The townhome units include three levels above ground and full basements for storage.  The typical configuration will allow for retail or commercial use on the first floor, office on the second floor, and office on the third floor or an optional residential apartment unit. 

The first and second floors include a bathroom on each floor, painted drywall, carpet, lighting, outlets, etc. The third floor of these units can be used as office space, or buyers can purchase the apartment option.  Traditional units have an optional one-bedroom apartment plan, while the new corner units have a two-bedroom plan.  These optional apartments come with a kitchen, full bath, and provision for optional laundry facilities.

With over 31,000 people living within 5 miles and average income per household about $130,000, the Villages of Urbana are a perfect place to invest and grow. For more information about Urbana and our commercial townhome project, download our marketing deck below.

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Current available units in the Villages of Urbana.

Current available units in the Villages of Urbana.

End Unit 1685

Interior Unit 1686

Interior Unit 1688


Locations of new Commercial Townhome buildings in Urbana’s Market District

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